Reading posts across many discussion boards, I find that everyone has a thought an opinion and a voice.  I would definitely agree to that.  I do as well, thus this blog, right.  I want to discuss with you on this whole unbelief thing.  Why is it that you are an atheist?  Why don’t you believe?

The biggest turn off to Christianity…is Christians themselves.  I agree.  I am sorry for that.

The only thing that I have to say to that is this…I’m NOT perfect.

That is my whole basis for argument.  That is why I need Jesus.  Because He is perfect and I’m not.  That’s why I go to church.  Because I’m sick and in need of a hospital and church is where I go to get better.  To share my issues, my life, my heart.  To be there for others who are in need of help, be it an ear to listen, someone to pray for others or to just talk.  To build friendships, life long relationships and fellowship.  The biggest reason I go to church though, is to draw closer to my King and Savior Jesus.  To learn more about Him.  To pray to Him.  To Love Him more.  To be like Him more.

Forgiveness, Love, Mercy and Faith are all fundamental seeds in the Christian faith.  The fact that we as Christians lose sight of those things are wrong, but part of the imperfectness that we ALL are as humans.  Flawed.  And again the need for Christ, who calls us to Himself because He knows all our flaws and our imperfections and says “I love you just the way you are anyway.”  Wow, are the words I used when I accepted Christ almost 10 years ago.  You mean that He accepts me even though I’ve done horrible and nasty and mean things in my past, that He will accept me anyway.  Jesus says yes.  “Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”  Matthew 11:28

Once you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior(Romans 10:9-10) you will receive the Holy Spirit which will help you and guide you in life through it’s many trials and tribulations.

I pray that you will reach out and accept this offering that Christ has given unto you.  That you will find a place in your heart to forgive the person or even a Christian that has wronged you and realize that your not perfect just like the Christian person isn’t perfect as well.  It only takes a mustard seed of faith to believe.  I pray that you give yourself this wonderful gift of life, because it is short.  Where will you spend eternity?  Will one persons harsh words or actions sway you from a life eternal?  It hasn’t for me either.



2 Comments to “unbelief”

  1. “Why is it that you are an atheist? Why don’t you believe?”


    I’m an atheist because the World makes more sense to me without there being a God behind it.

    We are both atheists of course – I presume you don’t believe in the Islamic God, Buddha, Zeus, Thor or any of the other thousands of Gods whom people have worshipped and died for. I don’t believe in them either, I just add the Christian God to the list to be dismissed.

    I find the whole idea of believing in a God wish-fulfilment, a comfort blanket to cope with the World. I can see how for some people religion offers consolation but the fact that it might be nice doesn’t make it true. There is no evidence for any God or Gods either. The Bible – written hundreds of years after the events described, selected and edited by those with an agenda and translated through several languages – suffers from a circular logic – “The Bible is the word of God because the Bible says the Bible is the word of God”.

    For me, the World is wonderful as it is. I have only one life, perhaps 70 years or so alive and then I’ll be nothingness again, but this isn’t something to be sad about. I’m outrageously lucky to be alive and I’m loving life while I can. Being nothingness for billions of years before I was born never hurt me, so it won’t hurt me after I die either!

    I hope you’re able to understand the atheist position a little better now and have a lovely day 🙂

  2. Hi Lucy,

    How have you been in 3 years? Anything in your life change? I would love to discuss more about the salvation of your soul and your unbelief.

    DM me and we can discuss further!


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