Being of Lebanese decent and 1st generation on my dad’s side, I find a responsibility to give a positive light back to Lebanon.    

It is a beautiful country made up of Christian and Muslim religions (majority speaking) and is both about split even across the country as well.  Lebanon has a long history and culture.  Biblically, Jesus himself walked in the mountains of Lebanon.   The cedar trees of Lebanon are referred to in several books of the Bible.  Jesus visited Tyre and performed a miracle for the Syro-Phoenician woman’s daughter, as noted in Matthew 15:21-28 and Mark 7:24-30. He then went by way of Sidon on to the Sea of Galilee (Mark 7:31). The Gospel of John 2:1-12 describes Jesus performing his first miracle, when he turned water into wine at the request of his mother Mary at the wedding feast of Cana in Galilee. The Cana southwest of Tyre in Lebanon today was located in the region of Galilee at the time of Jesus. The church historian Eusebius of Caesarea in A.D. 339 wrote that Cana of Galilee is the Cana south of Sidon. No one can say for sure in which of the towns named Cana the miracle of the wedding feast took place. But the fact that Jesus went down to Capernaum [John 2:12] suggests the wedding at Cana took place in Cana of Lebanon, for Cana of Palestine is south of Capernaum, and Jesus would have had to go up to Capernaum were it Cana of Palestine! There is a grotto in Qana, Lebanon with large stone water jars as well as a sculpture symbolic of Jesus and the Twelve Apostles.  

I am personally grateful to live in such a great country as the United States of America, but find my ancestry and bond to Lebanon a fascinating one.  I have personally been there as a young child and have been back to Beirut as an adult once, but didn’t spend much time there.  I have also visited several other countries in the region and all are fascinating as well.   

I do speak Arabic, but not as fluent anymore, since I am not able to practice speaking on a daily basis.  If you speak another language, then you know that if you don’t practice it, you tend to forget some of it.  I try to keep my mind fresh with the language by practicing it with my pops, but without a daily use of it, it is really hard to stay on top of it. 

Happy New Year!! 


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