I wrote before about the Walk to Emmaus.  Well, this is similar to that, except it’s for the younger group of folks that range from graduated 9th graders to college years. 

I want to talk about the name “Chrysalis” in itself.  The name is an actual transformation from being without knowledge into a living knowledge of Christ and His work in and around us.  That’s the intention of the weekend for most of the youth that attend this spiritual weekend.  There begins a transformation from one way of life into hopefully a new life in Christ and even a renewed devotion to Him.  Not all youth are saved when they arrive on the weekend, but the chances of them coming to accept Christ is highly favorable, if they haven’t accepted Him already.

There many wonderful things that happen on these weekends, like I had posted on my emmaus posting before.  There tends to be some more room for personal time as well as fellowship on a Chrysalis weekend too. 

I have served in every capacity that is open to servants on the weekend including being blessed to be a Lay Director on one weekend a few years ago now at the J-Bar-J Ranch in Sealy, TX.  Really, the only position I haven’t served on would be the Spiritual Director job, for obvious reasons.  I have also served on the Houston Board for a few years as well and that was fun too.

Anyway, there is a Chrysalis walk coming up this month of December and I am praying that it’s successful.  That is what you do, PRAY, and then do your work and let God take control and do what He does best and that is change lives!  That’s a successful weekend.  When a team comes together to do God’s work and keep out hands from getting in the way.

If you have gone on an Emmaus or Chrysalis weekend, tell me about it?!?!?!?!


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