I am totally enthralled with them!  I love cars!  All kinds of cars.  I currently own an SLK 230 made by Mercedes-Benz.  It is a hard-top convertible.  It’s a really beautiful car.   Dropping the top on it makes you feel free, like there is not a worry or care in the world.  In the book, 101 things you must do before you die, owning a convertible is one of the 101 things.  So, in your lifetime, purchase a convertible and experience a true pleasure in life. 

Driving is not always a chore or a tough drive, but can be fun.   Because it depends on what kind of CAR you drive.  I guess you have to ask yourself what you want out of a car first and then decide from there.  If you need to haul and load stuff, then a truck would be your choice, but what kind of truck.  An Escalade or a ford pickup?  Both would solve your needs, but do you want to drive in luxury or not?  That is the decision that faces us every-time we decide to go out and look to buy a car. 

My choice for the SLK 230 was not for a comfortable ride, but more for the pleasure of driving with the top down with the wind in my hair and burning the roads up at 80 mph!!!  I’ll be seeing you on the road!


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