So what is it about this word that provokes so much emotion?  What is it about LOVE that causes us to do precarious things?  What is Love anyway?  What is it to you?  How does it make you feel and where does it come from?  How many types of Love exist?  Is Love more or less than you want it or expect it to be?

For me, Love has been an emotion for so many years.  It seems that you would do anything for somebody because you “Love” them, right?  Such as, taking care of a family member that is sick or a drug addict that needs help.  I remember the night I got married and my Pastor said to me “Love is a commitment, not just an emotion or feeling.”  That resonates with me and really says a lot more than what the ‘world’ has to say about the word/term/topic.  Really, love comes and goes doesn’t it?  You feel like you love somebody one day and then they make you mad and then what?  You don’t love them anymore?  interesting isn’t it?

Yeah for me, it has to be a commitment.  Because I know that you go up and down in relationships–all types of relationships.  Friends, family and co-workers, etc.  You realize that you love your job, so you are committed to it or you love your family, even though they make you real mad, but your committed to them.  I mean if you disregarded someone for every-time you didn’t love them or commit to something, then what are you left with?  An empty life and home.  So, yeah, it has to be a commitment, right?

So what else about that 4 letter word?  I know that it makes you make irrational decisions.  I know that I’ve done things in my life that I would have never done had I not Loved that person.  But, ultimately, we have this burning desire to Love and BE LOVED, don’t we?  That’s why we do what we do and say what we say…because of LOVE. 

It is fascinating to me to think about history and what love has conquered.  The most important LOVE that exists is this AGAPE love.  Ever heard of it?  It is a love that comes from GOD and Him only.  It’s what made Jesus do what He did at the cross.  The term is Greek and means “Unconditional Love”  How powerful is that?  Have you ever experienced this kind of love.  I believe we can see hints of this type of love from family and even friends, but only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can you really experience this kind of agape love.  It’s freely given, we as humans, must accept it, receive it and believe it.  I experience this love often and know that only through Christ can I really trust, hope and believe.  Because man will fail us and so will that love from another person.  But His unchanging never ending love has conquered and will continue to conquer all.  So when your feeling down, go to that one true and steady place that never changes and experience that agape love and receive it.

John 3:16 & Romans 10:9-10


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