In Luke 24:13-35 you will find the story of the Walk to Emmaus and the significance thereof.  Emmaus today is a spiritual weekend retreat, but is not your typical Christian retreat weekend where you chill with others and swim in a pool and bathe in the sun.  No, it’s a weekend that begins on a Thursday evening and ends on Sunday evening.  I would also say that it is not for evangelical purposes, although people have come to accept Christ as their Lord & Savior on the weekend.  It’s a weekend of discipleship, learning about the different means of Grace that are available to you and a weekend of fellowship with other believers.  The acronym for Grace is:  God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.  How Awesome is that?  The link I placed for Grace is of the spiritual notion of course and what a powerful definition that is used:  the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God.  WOW!

So, back to the weekend, there are 15 talks that are given throughout the weekend(5 per day) and these talks are given by clergy and other believers that are part of a team that is there to help and support you through the weekend.  The talks are given by people who have faced difficult circumstances, just like you and me, and are sharing their lives with us.  Not professionals that do this for a living, but volunteers who have given a sacrifice to be there for you on a weekend full of love. 

I went on this Walk to Emmaus #208 in March of 2001.  What an experience I had.  I felt like I had been on a mountain top looking up and that there was nothing that mattered in the entire world except Christ and knowing Him.  But, my experience was mine alone and everyone has a different experience on the weekend.  My biggest suggestion to you if you haven’t been on one, is to pray about it for a long time and ask God to prepare your heart way before you decide to go.  That way when you do go, it will be a wonderful experience for you.  Most of my friends and family have been on a weekend, but most of them went after I did.  The advantage for me was that I knew nothing of what to expect, except that it was going to build my walk with Christ and it did that and then some. 

 There is also plenty of food on the weekend too, so go hungry and you are guaranteed to come back a couple lbs heavier…if you want of course!  🙂


One Comment to “emmaus”

  1. Praise God for the Walk to Emmaus. Now that you have been on a Walk, you should consider serving. If your experience is like mine, each time you serve will be even better than the last. It isn’t like going again, but each time I have served there has been someone who was there in need of something God provided me to supply. There has always been someone there who prodded me (through a talk or a conversation) to new insight of God’s grace. And it has always been a wonderful and different blessing each time.

    De Colores!

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