what will people say?

When your dead and gone???  I have recently been thinking about this AGAIN.  I say AGAIN, because I remember thinking about this after a sermon I heard once where the pastor said “Think about your life this way.  Start from you bowing before Christ and work your way backwards to where you are now.  Then think about how you would live and what you would do and see, say, hear and watch”  Now this I thought was very DEEP.  I never thought about life in that fashion, have YOU?

So, now I think about living that way…but it’s HARD!  You have the daily grind that you deal with, you have the crazy world coming at you in different faces and forms, you don’t always get yourself prepared for what a day may bring, do ya?

Anyway, this is just a thought I have about what will people say about ME when I’m dead and gone.  How did I live and treat them and others, etc.  What kind of Legacy will I leave behind?

I hope this finds you in thought about what will people say about YOU when your gone.  Or what do they say now?

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