Angie is my Wonderful Wifey.  We’ve been married for almost 9 years now.  Like any couple we have our ups and downs, but the last couple of years have been very hard.  See, she/we(I say WE because we’re both in this together) got Breast Cancer and was diagnosed with it in November of 2005 at the ripe old age of 29!!!!

I wanted to blog about this and not so much about our marriage, so I’ll continue, but wanted you to know the mindset of what this is more about, Cancer Awareness and our dealing with this disease.

So, obviously this hit us like a ROCK!  She came down stairs one evening and asked me to feel something on her breast and I did.  It didn’t feel too good and was hard, like a pebble was lodged in her breast or something.  real weird feeling.  We immediately went to see her gynecologist the next day and found ourselves having a Ultrasound done within an hour of arriving at her gynecologist office.  It didn’t look good.  The following week she had a biopsy taken and then they told us that we wouldn’t hear anything for 2 weeks!!  I don’t know about you, but when someone tells you that you have to wait 2 weeks for life changing news, it feels like a lifetime.

Unfortunately, the oncologist told us that we should come in and talk with her.  We did that evening and heard the bad news that I would never wish upon my worst enemy….you have cancer.  She(the oncologist) went into the dynamics of the type of breast cancer she has and how it works and reacts, the size of it currently and the steps we need to take in order to battle it.  You know your speaking to an Oncologist when they use words like Battle and Attack.  It’s almost as if they had gone to boot camp in the army prior to completing their P.H.D.

Anyway, we began chemotherapy in January of 2006.  Angie got her concoction of medicine(s) to take on a monthly basis.  One of the medicines was called the “Red Devil”  This bad boy is what caused the hair to fall out, including making you bald.  So, before it fell out, we cut her beautiful long curly hair and donated it to the ‘Locks of Love’ foundation.  It was a big celebration and we made the most out of it.   

In order for Angie to receive the ‘concoction’, she had to get a Port-a-Cath in her upper chest, which required surgery.  not fun.  So, we had that surgery done, but the Dr. that performed the surgery didn’t do a good job and gave her a Port-a-Cath for a woman that was 300+ lbs and not one under 150.  So, a few weeks later, we went in for another surgery to get the ‘right’ one put in.  Isn’t that wonderful!

The chemo lasted until late May of 2006.  During that time, we purchased some very cute wigs for Angie, a blond wig and a cool brown with highlights one.  They both looked cute on her.  Soon after, we had to decide on the next surgery step.  Single or Bi-lateral Mastectomy.  We decided to go with the Bi-lateral one because it was the safer step, we thought that would prevent this damned disease from ever coming back Lord willing.  I believe in July of 2006 we had that major surgery done at MD Anderson, one of the best cancer centers in the world.  We are grateful to have such a great group of Doctors that practice their profession here in Houston.

Angie healed and recovered and stayed strong, where as I was in a sort of fog it seems at times.  She was going through it, but so was I and I felt every moment of it. 

We began the reconstruction phase in April of 2007 with another surgery.  This time it was expander’s that were put in to prepare for the ‘real ones’ to come.  We felt this was a better step towards recovery and putting all of this behind us.  In October of 2007 she got the ‘real ones’ put in to replace the expander’s and I love’em!!

Here we are now and recovering well.   She starts back to work tomorrow and I’m very thankful that things have turned out as well as can be expected.  We have had many people pray for us and share their life experiences with their family members and friends that have gone through similar situations as us and were thankful for that as well. 

Please help out with sharing wisdom with others about prevention and donating to research organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation. 


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