Have you ever played Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball before?  You have to try it out, it’s so much fun.  Currently it is a bit more than half-way through the regular football season and I’m very much having fun watching the games as well as playing in my different fantasy football leagues.  My teams as a whole are doing OK so far this year, but the football year in the NFL has been anything but normal as injuries have plagued many teams as well as our drafted players we chose at the beginning of the season.

 So, being that I live in Houston, I have adopted our local teams and have rooted for them.  Just one thing though, the Houston Texans in their 6 short year history have been everything BUT good.  So, it’s been rough to say the least, to be a fan of the local football team.  Although, this year seems to be a much improved year the Texans have had, we shall see how they finish up the regular season.

I will rant and rave more on the past faults of the Texans more in the future, but for now, suffice it to say, I’m very glad that it’s winter and the Football season is in FULL SWING.


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